Jardin AromatiqueYou have a party of friends or family (4-14) that likes to discover Europe together? Contact Treasure-Europe and tell us where and when you would like to go, what you would like to see or do and how much time you have available. Based on your information we’ll put together a tailor-made tour for you.
The program of your trip will be based on your time frame, interests, preferences and budget.
Whatever your particular interest is, whether it be hiking in the Alps, studying the great art collections of Europe, biking along the Danube, learning about Argan oil in Morocco, cooking the regional delicacies, ambling through the vinyards of the Rhone valley, maeandering through the magical German Christmas markets, or just relaxing to the sound of the ‘cygales’ on the terrace of your villa in Provence, Treasure-Europe will find the recipe to provide you with an unique holiday in Europe and guarantees impeccable service in all that is included on your tour.

Depending on the size of your party, we will travel by car, 8-seater mini van or smallbus. Our tours are accompanied by a Treasure-Europe travel specialist who is at your disposal 24/7 and helps you make the most of your time while keeping your day stress-free.

Example criterias:

  • would like to go to France in July
  • are not fond of summer heat
  • like to stroll along the sea shore
  • like open air markets and are curious about regional products and cooking
  • are interested in Impressionism and art in general
  • would like to find out more about history and maybe cook some local dishes …

What would you think about a week of a tailor-made Normandy-Brittany experience, where the summers are reasonably cool? You’ll be transported in a 8 seater van and you’ll

  • get introduced to cheese making in the village of Camembert
  • find time to visit the beautiful city of Caen, city of a thousand steeples, where you can stroll over the open air food markets and visit one of its numerous museums
  • visit the seashore and Honfleur, the city and sites that inspired Monet and Renoir to their paintings
  • retrace the steps of William the Bastard as he became the Conquerer in his conquest of England (1066), memorialized in the Bayeux Tapestry
  • have time to reflect on WWII when you visit the D-day beaches
  • relax and let the day go by with a glass of home made Calvados brandy on your terrace of our specially selected accommodation

Just send a quick email with your criterias and Treasure-Europe will get back to you with a selection of itineraries and transportation possibilities.

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