Her camera is Daniela’s permanent travel companion. Eager to extract the beauty (out) of the ordinary, her motivation is to stay enchanted by the world that surrounds her.
Daniela tells a story through images. This can be in a descriptive realistic or interpretative artistic style. Her portofolio is very eclectic and full of facettes. More recently Daniela gets more involved abstract imaginary representation and alternative printing procedures like Van Dyke, Gum printing.

2020 and the breakdown of travel business due to Corona, led Daniela to pursue her idea of opening a online gallery to expose and sell her works. After years of running a physical gallery in Avignon it is time to turn the page and turn to a new adventure and challenge.

“What is the sunlight good for when you have your eyes closed?” (Arabic Proverb)

IMG_1497Check out Daniela’s gallery at NOMAD’S VIEW


You’ll find  some examples of Daniela’s passion for photography.

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