IMG_2792NOMAD’S VIEW Travel and Photography was founded by Daniela Wedel, who is born in Munich, Germany. After receiving her degree in Art History, Ancient History and Photography, Daniela moved to France, where she still lives today. She spent time in Italy during her studies, has lived in the United Kingdom and France for many years. This makes Europe her home and gives her a profound understanding of European culture and everyday life. Her knowledge of history and art, collected during extensive travels and studies, her appreciation of the diversity of Europe and her joy to share made it an obvious choice to become an international tour guide.

Long time relationships to Morocco and the Middle East allow her to offer an exiting and safe tour program in these regions. Since 2003 Daniela has been guiding American, Swiss, German and French travelers. Based on her experience as a guide working for international companies (Ricksteves (cultural tours), Routemarine (cruises), Backroads (active travels) and several specialized international companies), Daniela decided to offer her knowledge and enthusiasm on a more individual basis and created NOMAD’S VIEW Travel in 2008.

NOMAD’S VIEW travel offers cultural, active and photography tours to small private groups.

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